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Items considered essential by students:
Book List

A Desire to study.
B Surgical gloves – a box of 100 of your size – needed for Anatomy laboratory.
C Face mask – the better the quality the better
D Scrubs/Lab coat
E Books – see the book list, make sure you have the “required books”
F An ice cooler chest (similar to what fishermen use to store their catch (or beer)) – ice is available from machines located at various points around the hotel.
G Battery powered alarm clock.
H Flashlight
I 3-quart pan, large frying pan (or electric frying pan), electric kettle, 2-quart water bottle, cooking utensils (ladle, wooden spoons etc) knife, fork, spoon, plate, cups, mugs (that you will not miss if you leave them when you leave Belize).
J Electric hot plate (as strong as you can get - at least 750 Watts).
K Cleaning equipment (SOS pads, dishwashing liquid, Ajax, dishcloths, drying cloths).
L Camera, with sufficient film to last to end of term.
M Mosquito repellents and “after-bite”
N Sun glasses.
O Spare set of spectacles/contact lenses/contact lens cleaner.
P Good walking shoes.
Q Raincoat (pak-a-mac)/umbrella.
R Sufficient medicines for full term.
S Cans of food (personal favorites, SPAM, etc)
T Portable electronics (laptop computer (with blank CDs), printer, Walkman, Discman, etc).
U Rechargeable batteries and charger.
V Sufficient personal toiletries (razor blades/shampoo/deodorant/toothpaste/mouth-wash etc).
W Storage containers of various sizes.
X Long trousers. Long sleeved shirts and hats.
Y Passport sized photographs (at least 2)
**All items except (A) and (W) are available in Belize, however you may not be able to get the particular brand that you are used to, and you may find them more expensive than at home**
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