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Academic Requirements:
A minimum grade of 75 on a scale of 100 is required in order for students to receive a passing grade. Once a student receives a grade based on the percentage of performance in a course, the student will have an assigned letter grade according to the following scale:
H - 90-100 (Honor)
P - 75-89 (Pass)
F - Less than 75 (Fail)
I - Incomplete
WP - Withdraw Passing
WF - Withdraw Failing
WA - Administrative Withdrawal
Z - Information not yet available
R - Repeat
Students are required to officially register for the courses they want to take with the office of the Dean before the last day of the first week of classes. Students who do not register will not receive a grade for the courses they attended.
Class Attendance:
A registered student must have more than an 80% attendance record for all classes. If a registered student is absent for more than 20% of her/his classes, they will automatically receive a grade of WA regardless of their performance in the course.
Excused Absences:
The Executive Dean and the Dean of Basic Sciences are authorized to grant excused absences. Excused absences are granted on an individual basis based on the student's petition.
Failed Classes:
In the case of a failed course, a student may petition to take a comprehensive examination. The petition is to be submitted to the office of the Executive Dean. The Dean of Basic Sciences is also authorized to review and approve these petitions. However, in cases of any unusual circumstance, the Executive Dean becomes the sole authority to review, accept or reject any petitions for a comprehensive exam.

A second comprehensive exam is not allowed and any student who fails the comprehensive exam must repeat the course. Students who fail more than two courses will be placed on academic probation and must successfully complete the failed courses within the following trimester or they will be suspended from the program for one trimester. A recurrence may result in a permanent dismissal.
Program Changes:
The University may make changes in program and student schedules without notice whenever circumstances warrant such changes and after the review of the Medical Education Committee.
Academic Counseling & Career Guidance:
All medical students will have access to academic counseling and career guidance by the faculty and administration. Faculty and administration make it a priority to evaluate students in each course of study.

The Central America Health Sciences University encourages students to seek the advice of the counseling faculty. The University continuously evaluates every student's progress. Students fairing poorly in any course will be assigned to a faculty member in order to assist them in that course.
Policy on Drugs & Proper Conduct:
The University expects its students, as members of the academic community, to conduct themselves and their activities in accordance with the highest traditions of propriety. Emphasis is placed on honesty and integrity. The use, sale or distribution of any illegal drug is strictly prohibited. Any violation will ensure disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal from the University.
Dismissal from the University:
The University reserves the right to dismiss or exclude any student from the University or from any class whenever it is found that such action would be in the best interest of the student body. Dismissals could be due to academic, financial or irregular conduct by the student.
Non-Discrimination Policy:
The University does not discriminate against any student regardless of race, sex, religion, age, color, disability or origin.
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